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Real Estate

Northern New Jersey is traditionally one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. While a real estate transaction is often a  smooth process, issues do come up.

The  fact is, the Northern New Jersey area is composed of many older  structures which frequently have issues that newer buildings may not have.  Having the right attorney advocating for your interests can help your real estate transaction to smoothly reach a favorable result, even when issues come up.

Whether  you are a first time buyer / seller or an experienced investor,  the  personal attention of a local attorney can be important given the enormity of this type of transaction in many peoples' lives. Whether it is the purchase or sale of a residential or commercial property, personal attention and competent advocacy help reach the results clients desire.


Business Contracts and Negotiations

Small and Medium sized businesses often cannot afford a devoted in-house counsel while they are still in the early stages of their business. Yet, it is this stage of a business that is probably the most important time to use legal assistance as these growing businesses negotiate and form new, long-term relationships and sign contracts with with vendors, partners and clients. In my experience, these early stage contracts will often be drafted by the other party and the early stage businesses will be overwhelmed by what is needed to fight for their rights in such deals and often just do not bother which long term can be detrimental. Other key legal decisions often arise during this stage in areas such as compliance, leases, real estate. 

John's goal is to help these businesses navigate these issues no matter what they are through individual consultation and learning the goals or a particular founder or founders and their business. John is willing to work in all types of business as well from retail, to tech and blockchain companies, and even in cannabis businesses.


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